Monday, April 16, 2012

New Year, New Posts(hopefully More Than One....)

I have been a bit busy wish I had more to say than that I have a new Show Reel which is always exciting. to go along with that I am in the process of writing 2 feature length scripts and one TV/Web Series.

Gotta love my Vimeo page I have been adding and adding to it even became a plus member just to be able to update more often http://www, . I have been doing a lot of writing and conceptual art. I definitely miss production and need to get some more work on the way.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Steve MacLaren V 1.0

Ok August 19th was an Important day for me it basically told the story of what I had done with about 6 months of the year from january 31 - July 1st I worked on Spy Kids 4 : All The Time In The World. I was excited to see this film and to be proud that I had worked on The Stereo Conversion Team. This Day was terrific, I made the credits of the film and you can view my credits on IMDB . I thought it would be fitting to launch my website on the same day as the release of Spy Kids as well so if you haven't gone please go . Along with all of this I also made time to shoot some B-Roll for a Short Film I worked on After Spy Kids Called "Paradise" The Teaser can be Viewed here as well , all in all it has been a very productive day.

Best Regards,

Steve MacLaren
Compositor / Director